Lemon Water – Day #1

14 Jan

Does it really help with health?

When I was on Pinterest browsing through pins in the Fitness category, I came across the pin of 5 reasons to drink lemon water in the morning from New Nostalgia. Right after I read her post on her blog, I was like I have to do that. I want good skin, I want to lose weight, and it would be cool to balance my body’s pH levels. So the next morning before school when I was making my lunch, I cut a lemon in half, squeezed it, and drank it through a straw. Oh gosh, it was just as bad as drinking water with lemons at a restaurant. But I was determined to be healthy, so I continued to drink it for a few more days. Honestly my skin hasn’t gotten more moisturized, I’m still the exact same weight (even with working out), and nothing has changed. I still don’t care about how purified my urine is, I’m still not addicted to coffee, and I still don’t drink soda often. I don’t think this exactly worked and probably wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. It didn’t help me whatsoever, but maybe when I’m a mom it will help me? Not so sure. Definitely not a try-worthy pin.


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