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2012 – Resolutions

31 Dec

In no specific order at all, here are some of my New Year’s Resolutions for 2012:

  • to complete this one year project without a day missed (or make sure to post what I miss)
  • to spend more time with family & friends
  • to keep a journal for the whole year
  • to learn something new all the time
  • to be an optimistic person
  • to get fit instead of get fat
  • to help others everyday
  • to not dwell on the past
  • to be less scared

Project 365 – Intro

30 Dec

When I was first thinking about the general idea of Project 365, I was a little hesitant. Blogging about the same thing for a whole entire year? I could barely blog about every day of my life. Besides nothing would be interesting enough to anyone else. Macro photography? That would probably only be fascinating to myself and possibly other photographers. Even they would probably be too proud looking at their own work. I could copy someone and cook every day, then blog about that. Maybe. But cooking and baking is time-consuming. Then having to take time to upload pictures and blog about it? My school work is shaking its head. Finally I go the idea of trying a different pin from Pinterest every single day of the year. Something fun, doable, and useful. Though it is still time-consuming, it is more flexible to my schedule. So for 365 days I will be doing different pins from Pinterest and creating a blog post about it. I’ve found everything from reconstructing clothes, hairstyles, spa-like things, food, fitness, gifts, and so much more. So let’s kick into a year of fun together!



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